Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dollar Store Dungeons: Creatures

If you are going to run a game of Heirs to the Lost Worldthe New Fire, or are planning a Xeno-Meso or Hollow Earth Expedition adventure, you'd do well to pick up a $1 bag of creatures from the local dollar store. The Aztec and Mayan Underworlds are filled with bug-like creatures - especially centipedes. You may actually want a few bags of them.

For example, on Saturday, I played in one of Jeff Berry's wonderful Tekumel miniatures games where a big collection of bugs from dollar stores came in quite handy. I was playing a high-level priestess of Ksarul, up in the howdah of one of these wonderful Sro dragons:

At a certain juncture in the battle, it became necessary expedient amusing to summon some of Lord Ksarul's spider-like demon servitors in order to dispatch some of the Pe Choi and Shen who were harassing us. I didn't do too well on the roll, so Jeff told me I had summoned 13 demons who were not spiders. So out of the huge bug supply box came all kinds of other demons: centipedes, ticks, beetles, scorpions, a dragonfly, even a squid (freshwater/ambulatory/arboreal).

So don't leave home without your dollar store demons!


  1. Such an awesome idea! I try to scan the toy isles at standard stores but I really should trek to the dollar stores with this express purpose more often. I've also been meaning to hit the local thrift stores too.

    Great blog btw!

    1. Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The Everwayan! Yes, there are certainly a lot of good props to be had for a bargain at dollar stores!


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