Sunday, October 5, 2014

Enkidu FerJabbersSake

We just created our first 5E character for a campaign that my friend Boris is going to run. Meet Enkidu FerJabbersSake, a Half Orc Ranger (1st Level). He's very attractive for a Half Orc (favors his human mother, I guess) and he is hunting for his younger brother, Agni (also a Half Orc) who was captured or sold into slavery during one of the many intertribal conflicts among the orc and goblin groups.


Enkidu's about 18. Greenish hair, green eyes, light green skin. Hulking build. Both he and his brother have the Black Flame tribal tattoos on their right shoulder and back. Enkidu plays a mouth harp and has a Trinket: a tiny sketch portrait of a goblin. Perhaps, the sketch is a personal wanted poster for his brother's captor. We'll see.

Not surprisingly, Enkidu's Favored Enemies are orcs and goblins. Enkidu's Natural Explorer talent is for Forests. He guides human settlers, hunters, traders, and adventurers who arrived from the East over the great ocean, seeking opportunities to trade among the lands and peoples under the sway of the orcs and goblins. It's not long after the great war which occurred between the Eastern settlers and the orc and goblin tribes.

Understandably, Enkidu now prefers the company of humans.

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