Friday, November 28, 2014

Grit Digger

Today at The Everwayan, we have another member of Everway's original and ancient Odd Families: Clay Digger, a miner in the galleries below the city. The Digger family has maintained its longstanding monopoly on mining activities. But the City has expanded so much that mining for coal and precious metals now happens only at the edges of the realm of Roundwander, and in the spheres beyond the gates.

But the Digger family also maintains its premier role in the moneylending arena. And like all of the Odd Families, the Digger family is matriarchal and matrilineal. The Diggers' wealth is controlled by a handful of elder-sisters at the top of the clan hierarchy. Their message for everyone else in the family is: "Wait your turn."

Of course, not everyone in the family is willing to do that. The young and ambitious will always seek ways to get ahead. One of the ways is to find the Forgotten Vaults: one of the many hidden and often forgotten places where the Digger wealth of earlier eras was stored.

Grit Digger is young and unafraid. She delves deep, hoping to find some of her family's ancient buried treasure. Mums the word to her clan mothers, who have begun asking pointed questions about where she goes when she disappears for a day or two at time.

Grit Digger
  • STR 13
  • DEX 13
  • WIL 10
  • HP 3
Starting Package:
  • Pistol (D6)
  • Smoke-bomb
  • Mutt
  • Shovel

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