Monday, April 30, 2012

Unboxing Everway I

One of my best memories about Everway is when I loaned my friend Amon my brand new copy of the game. I came by his house and he had most of the cards spread out on his dining room table. I thought, "How cool!"

Open the Big White Box (no accident, I believe) and among other things, you see three bins with full color cards. The game came with four sets of cards: 36 Fortune Cards (a multicultural Tarot deck), 90 Vision Cards, 3 Source Cards on the city of Everway, and 6 Quest Cards for a sample adventure that came with the game.

The Fortune Cards are used to create characters and worlds. Worlds in the multiverse are known as spheres. The regions/countries that make up each sphere are called realms. Everyway is city in a realm called Roundwater; Everway is also the city at the center of the multiverse.

The Playing Guide (PG) connects the Fortune Cards to the setting in a single sentence: "A realm is an area on a sphere where certain cosmic forces hold sway, an area with a shared story" (PG8).  Those cosmic forces are represented by the trumps of the Fortune Deck. Every realm (and indeed, every character) has a Virtue, a Fault, and a Fate that corresponds to one of the trumps of the Fortune Deck.

You can see a list of Fortune Cards at the Amberway II site. There is another one here. At one point in time you could actually see the original Fortune Cards online. I am not having much luck finding them today. But this is an even more convenient list of the Fortune Cards - one which can be printed out and shared at the gaming table.

Over the next week, I'll talk about the cosmology of Everyway a bit more. Then we'll create some realms.

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