Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spherewalking Today

I was so hasty in preparing today for a trip that although I pulled out my three Everway books from the Big White Box, I forgot to put them in my bag. I am sure this is a problem that Spherewalkers face from time to time, especially those whose travels are more urgent than the average merchant (which some Spherewalkers are). I suppose like any long term travellers, Spherewalkers pick up a fair amount of what they need among the million spheres that they tread. While each Spherewalker no doubt dresses and acts within a specific cultural idiom influenced not only by their own Virtue, Fault, and Fate, and also those of their home realm, over time their dress, culture, and manners are influenced by the realms they visit. How could it be otherwise, except among highly intolerant ideologues and missionaries? This is no doubt reflected over time in their dress and personal effects. You never know what someone may be carrying from one realm to another.


  1. Sounds like the seed kernel for a series of random tables...

    Have a good, fun, safe trip!

  2. Already working on it. Tables will key to the Fortune Deck


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