Saturday, March 23, 2013

Shared City In The Seams

Art by Brian Van Hunsel, Some Rights Reserved

Tsojcanth has just posted this beautiful city-map by Brian Van Hunsel of the City of Galastanen and offered it up as a shared world location for people to put into their own settings. Stepping through the Lion Gate gets you there.

Tsojcanth writes:

Because Galastanen exists in a seam of sorts.
It's where all the universes were folded and quilted.
If such a concept could be called "where".

This seems perfect for placement somewhere in the Everway-Otherway continuum.

It must be there somewhere.

We will find it, sooner or later.

I'd encourage you to check out Brian's Deviant Art page. He has all sorts of beautifully detailed maps and images there.


  1. hey,
    this blog is hella cool.

    By the way, speaking of portals, this might be of some interest to you:

    1. Thanks for stopping by, as well as for the additional link!

  2. Thanks for the free publicity for my map and DA-page. I really appreciate it :)
    And this blog is really good. One for my bookmarks!



    1. The map is just gorgeous. You should consider doing a setting book, like Lebek:


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