Thursday, June 20, 2013

Trash in Roleplaying
In last night's session of Rachel Kronick's Blade & Crown RPG, we went in search of bandits. Our party had an old map (probably from a bandit hunter of yore), which provided some suggestions about where in the wilderness to find the bandits who had plagued the region for more than a decade.

Our goal was to kill them and make some money.

We found one of their advance outposts by a combination of following the map, and following their trash. This trash was mostly in the form of clay wine jars that had been discarded in the river along our trail.

That was a new experience: I can't ever recall a time when we found our quarry in an RPG scenario by following their trash trail. I thought that was pretty cool clue placement by the GM.

I'll be thinking more about trash in roleplaying in the future.

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