Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Free RPG Day Event

On Saturday, June 20, we'll be running Atlantis: the Second Age as a Free RPG Day event at The Source Comics and Games in Roseville, Minnesota. The game will run from 2 PM-6 PM.

Atlantis: the Second Age is a swords & sorcery RPG set in an antediluvian age where heroes can affect the course of world events. Inspirations include the works of Fritz Leiber, Michael Moorcock, Robert E. Howard, and Clark Ashton Smith.

With giant sloths and intelligent apes.

And Vodun.

This new iteration of a classic pulp fantasy RPG has a strong Afrocentric vibe- although it is accessible to anyone.

Saturday will be my first time running the RPG, and I'll be using the streamlined rules presented in the Free RPG Day book. I'll also have the core book and supplements with me during the session, and plan to use the Action Deck designed for the game.

Please stop by and play the secnario or just kibbitz for bit if you have time!

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