Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Iterative Adventure

Last night I had the good fortune to play one of my favorite games and game settings: Heirs to the Lost World, an alternative 17th Century RPG set in a Mesoamerica with Aztecs, Mayans, Maroons, and Eurpean settlers, pirates, occultists, and traders. Heirs author Chad Davidson ran the adventure, which was an updated and improved version of a game I ran maybe 10 years ago at Con of the North. The scenario was partly inspired by an old Shadowrun module, translated into Heirs' 17th Century multicultural setting.

I won't give away the plot, beyond saying that it had something to do with high stakes synchretism.

It was such a fun group with which to play! Heirs has a great wager-based stunting system (really, the best one that I have played), and this group of players really got into it. Stunts (and PCs) were flying around the main scene of the action: a huge 3D Mayan temple that Chad had built. It was a really stunning prop, the kind of thing I wish I could pack up and take to Tekumel oriented cons like U-Con!

Here's hoping I get another chance to play with this group of players.

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