Sunday, August 1, 2021

Deluxe Fortune Deck

Yesterday, my Deluxe Fortune Deck arrived for Everway Silver Anniversary Edition. I'll actually open the box a bit later, but for today I am sharing the form factor and appearance of the box. The cards themselves are probably about twice as large as the original Fortune Deck cards. They will be a lot easier to see around the game table, and MUCH easier to share in an online game, by holding the card up to the camera. Just imagine how great they must look out of the box!

The deck box is very similar in size to the box for a standard Tarot deck. The Fortune Deck works in analogous ways to a Tarot deck, including: 

  • Quick one-card draws for fast, decisive resolutions in-game;
  • Serial one-card draws for blow-by-blow resolutions in an extended conflict;
  • Divinatory spreads to determine particularly complex in-game outcomes;
  • Generative spreads to create new realms or scenarios 
  • Exploratory spreads to discover the deep-structures and conflicts affecting particular realms, spheres or spherepaths; and
  • Personal spreads, used out-of-game for personal divination, reflection, and meditation

The box will be easier to open, due to the side notches. I like the icon of the Walker's Pyramid. The lettering reminds me of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha, so it evokes other settings that I have loved for decades. The box needs to be wider than the original Fortune Deck would have required because it contains more than the original 36 Fortune Deck cards: there is also a 41 card Season Deck within the box. Divided into four suits, these cards expand on the Fortune Deck adding the dimension of time and additional setting flavor - a suitable Minor Arcana for the 36 "majors."

I might add that the box has a very nice matte finish.

Over the next week we'll unbox the box (as it were) and begin to explore things we can do with this new set of cards.



  1. So what happened to the unboxing? :-(

    1. Thanks for stopping by! A back injury happened, but as you will see from today's post, we are "back" with a bit more than an unboxing - the Deluxe Fortune Deck is getting some actual use!


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