Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Rust Gate's Fortunes

The city-state of Rust Gate, also known as Aleph is introduced impressionistically here, and  its rise and near fall were described yesterday, here. Today's post share's the city-state's Fortunes.

The Realm of Rust Gate
  • Virtue: The Dragon - Cunning. The city-state has survived as long as it has by hook and by crook, and with a great deal of magical cunning, including necromancy.
  • Fault: Law, Reversed - Treachery. The Emperor and Court are divided against each other, which makes it very difficult to control the remaining peasants and the city folk, not to mention outside adversaries such as the Trolls.
  • Fate: The Cockatrice - Corruption vs. Recovery. Can the Emperor and Court turn back from the abyss and reform themselves in some manner, possibly adopting some of the democratic and self-renewing traditions of the Trolls? Or will Aleph succumb to a decline so deep and old that it finally self-destructs, or provokes the Trolls to destroy it?

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