Friday, August 10, 2012

Question Of The Day

One dear friend (who in the past played the Spherewalkers Immanuel and Pepper) inquired recently about the ultimate purpose of the blog.

The conversation turned toward the question of whether there would be any interest among some readers in being part of a play-by-post Everway game in the near future.

I have had good experiences with these in the past, and quite frankly, I feel my time with The Everwayan has helped me cultivate the discipline required to sustain such a venture.

Please do let me know if there is interest.

Send me a message at tallgeese dawt wing AT gmail dawt com.

I am also interested in knowing if anyone has had success in doing this on a blog, as opposed to an email listserv. Feel free to add comments below!

We'll be back on Monday with some organizational mechanics. In the meantime, posting at 12 noon CT today, I'd encourage readers to check out part one of the interview I just completed with RPG designer Sarah Newton, the author of Chaosium's Chronicles of the Future Earth.

If you are interested in RuneQuest, I think you'll find part one interesting.

And if you are interested in the transhumane, you will really want to read this!

Part two of the interview goes live on Monday.

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