Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stat Block For The Salt Trading Company

Organization: The Salt Trading Company

The Salt Trading Company is a very modest Merchant House whose members ply the salt and spice trade in small caravans across several spheres. They are a chartered company of the Salt family of the realm of Roundwander. The family lives in a few seaside villages just beyond Shimmermoon Bay. These villages extract salt from the sea for sale in other realms. This salt is highly valued in other spheres where it is believed to bestow favor on those who use it to preserve and flavor their food. The Salt Trading Company also purchases spices unique to the realms it visits and imports those into Everway. The Salt family has not grown rich from the trade, but their kin-villages are content and well-fed.

  • Strength: The Peasant - Simple Strength Hard work is always rewarded
  • Weakness: The Unicorn, Reversed - Temptation Travel can make you want to leave forever
  • Opportunity:  Overlooking the Diamond - Failing to See Opportunity vs. Recognizing Opportunity  Sometimes, it's good to diversify
  • Association = One Additional Aspect:
    • We sell good luck!

  • Fire (Force) 1
  • Earth (Resources) 3
  • Air (Knowledge) 2
  • Water (Influence) 2

  • Order 5
  • Treasury 5


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