Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Beyond The Wolf Gate

The Wolf Gate is a Water Gate located in Shimmermoon Bay. It can only be opened under the full moon. During Everway's Civil War, the Whiteoars used this gate to bring their Ghost Wolves pirate allies to the shores of Roundwander and launch attacks on the city of Everway.

The Ghost Wolves' realm is called Wet Planks. It is a vast wooden bowl holding a Water Realm , and surrounded on all sides by a badly chipped Wooden Rim of the world. All around the inside of this rim are floating wooden planks. Clockwise currents occur nearer to the Rim. Counterclockwise currents occur between the Rim and the world's center point. The center point is stagnant water.

Most inhabitants of Wet Planks live on ships. There is abundant sea life in this realm to hunt and fish. Most ships in Wet Planks are Whalers, Pulpers (octopus/squid hunters), and Fishing Boats. Factory Boats and Merchant Boats supply the whalers and fishers. Lumber Boats harvest World Rim Planks. Chipping Boats take that one step further by landing on the Wooden Rim and sawing off fresh pieces of wood. Carpenter Boats use World Rim Planks to effect repairs on existing ships and build new ones. Match Boats arbitrate disputes, help redistribute hands, and arrange marriages and adoptions between ships.

In the stagnant center of the bowl of this world-sea is the Parliament of Hulks. This is an area of ancient, still water where very old, damaged, and no longer seaworthy ships are left to rot and die.The Parliament is  said over-run by Gill-Men. All illness and disease in Wet Planks stems from this place.

This sea-hulk city is home to small bands of mystic and cultists. The School of Ruddermen is located on a sea-hulk here, although its location is constantly changing as ships deteriorate. In the School, the gifted few are taught the art of opening Water gates.

Some agriculture occurs on the backs of giant island-turtles, which when surfaced will bask and drowse for decades. Turtle Island Folk are looked upon as strange and tragic, yet useful, by the ship-bound folk of Wet Planks. More than a few marriages arise from escapades on shore leaves.

Since many materials such as rope, tar, cloth, and nails are not readily available in the realm of Wet Planks, what can't be manufactured from whale bone, skin, sinew, muscle and blubber - or traded-for with the Turtle Island Folk - is typically bought or taken by force from other realms by the Rough Boats - the far-traders and pirates of Wet Planks.

Piracy is not very disruptive to Wet Planks itself as there are about 30 Water gates connecting Wet Planks to other realms upon which the Rough Boats may prey. The only problems occur when there is a shortage of Ruddermen to open the Water Gates. In those times, Wet Planks can find itself in a war of all against all.


  1. Cool Realm. I have some questions...is the Realm actually a miniaturized wooden bowl that shrinks everything inside? The mention of the wooden rim and the general description of the Realm makes me suspect its some kind of space warping effect but that the entire Realm may actually be nothing more than a wooden bowl of water on someone's breakfast table. Or maybe I'm just reading way too much into it. Thoughts?

  2. You are very perceptive! This is indeed a Nested Realm. Fortunately it is not a dirty bowl in someone's sink, waiting only for a household member to come along and fling the water out and wash the bowl!

    Instead, it is a scrying bowl. Its owner has been... preoccupied for a while, and his own personal habits, character, and hygiene are not very good - so it is not surprising that corruption has passed into the Realm of Wet Planks...

  3. A Nested Realm? Curious. Any more information about Nested Realms? Do you have an ongoing game that you are playing/running from which all of this content is derived?

  4. By Nested Ryealms, I just meant a realm within a realm, like a matryoshka doll. I haven't written up a description of a category of realm yet, just coined the name. I am sure I will be though.

    I am not currently running an Everway game right now, although I hope to again in the next year or so.

  5. Do you create all of this content yourself or accept contributions from fans and such? If you create all of this yourself, I bow to you humbly. Its pretty amazing stuff. If you accept fan contributions, I humbly ask to submit some things for your consideration. By the way, are you on FB? Would love to connect with someone with a mind like yours.

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  7. Had some typos in the last comment, so I deleted it. Starting over:

    @ D MARTIN: Thanks again for your interest in me and in my blog! At this time, I am writing all the posts myself. That is intentional, as I am trying to develop my own voice with Everway. Beginning steps as a writer and all that!

    I would love to see more people like you launch their own blogs, so we can rekindle interest in the game! I will definitely link to your blog if you create one!

    The best way to reach me on social networks is by G+.


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