Monday, September 3, 2012

Strangerside Scholar: Fair Foods of Everway

When you have the entire multiverse at your disposal, it might seem like the possibilities for Fair Food are endless. But with a week between gates (even in astral space where spoilage rarely occurs) there are limits to how far you can travel with exotic foods. Even so, Everwayans have at their disposal many, many different foods when the time comes for a street fair or festival. Note that many of the following popular Fair Foods can be purchased year-round in the streets and restaurants of Strangerside:
  1. Jellied Segmented Assassin Worm from Merryflag of course on a stick. The venomous poison sacs and stinging hairs have been removed (hopefully).
  2. Cotton candies from Bliss. Best shared with a lover, so that your dreams intermingle that evening.
  3. Rainbow Lotus flowers from Temple. Their subtle flavors vary with the color of the petal. Consume the heart of the lotus and you will experience a day of exquisite calm. Your Water Score will be +1 for a day. They wealthy often splurge and purchase a garland of Rainbow Lotus flower to wear at a fair or festival.
  4. Fried fruits from Lotus Land, served on a stick. They are hot and succulent. Just be sure your not buying the rotten variety. They are a potent narcotic. 
  5. River trout from Hellsedge. They are surprisingly tasty when freshly cooked. They stink like a corpse until then.  (You can spot a necromancer because s/he will be the one trying to buy raw river trout.) These fish are particularly popular among youth, who often dare each other to take a bite. Sometimes on the first bite, you'll hear a screech as if from the dead. 
  6. The fine wines of Merrybright bring bright cheer to the parties and games of chance that occur at Fairs.
  7. Rock candy from the realm of Granite. This is a naturally occurring substance that comes in several hues from white quartz to the ever-popular emerald to ruby to amethyst. This is one of the sweetest substances in the Thousand Spheres, and is also used to flavor other foods. 
  8. Crushed ice from Frostgleam. Colored syrups (often made with rock candy from Granite) are often added to the crushed ice. The ice is special: it doesn't melt until it is boiled or consumed.
  9. Sky Peppers from Giggle. These are so hot people can literally fly after eating one.
  10. Roasted bush meat from Shift. Caveat emptor. You may shift into an animal form for a day after consuming this meat. This is a year-round favorite among barbarian warrior-refugees in Strangerside.

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