Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Architect of The Abode of Departure, Pt. I

I thought I'd use Porky's new architect builder mechanics to say a bit more about the fortress-town known as The Abode of Departure.  Italicized quotes are from Porky's tables.

  • The 1D6 Quantity roll is 3. That means that the architect had a middling number of completed projects.
  • The 1D6 Quality roll is 5. That means that the architect had a reputation for excellence.

The 1D3-1 roll for the number of Strengths is 2.
  • The first Strength is Connections - "circle of advisors, friends in high places, outstanding favours etc." 
  • The second Strength is Grasp of Local Physics - "quality of load-bearing forms, circulation, sanitation, etc."
The 1D3-1 roll for the number of Weaknesses is 2
  • Again, we have Connections.
  • A second Weakness roll is also Connections.


The optional 1D3-1 roll for the number of Other Motivations the roll is 2.
  • The first result is "constructs 1d3 unrequested secret structures through non-Euclidian spaces". The 1D3 result for the number of secret structures is 3.
  • The second result is "incorporates demolition mechanism - or similar - in case design ages badly"

We are going to sleep on all this data overnight, and possibly also consult some tables in Spears of the Dawn RPG. We'll be back with a narrative tomorrow, but in the meantime, suggestions are always welcome!


  1. It's a pleasure to see it used and I'm intrigued by the blend with Spears of the Dawn and what could come out of it.

    The grasp of local physics could tie into the secret structures result and the double connections could be taken to mean a different area or areas in each case - maybe the strength is a good circle of advisors and the weakness demanding friends in high places - or simply that one or more of the areas is a double-edged sword - the friends in high places help get things done, but demand with it, and maybe they're behind the secret spaces...

    Re The Everwayan coming up in the feed, I've tried deleting and re-entering, with the Atom feed address too, and it hasn't helped. It may be that going back and tinkering with the Settings section helps, that the electronic stars are aligned better on another day.

    1. Noon worries about the feed- that was my bad. I'll be writing the next part tonight tomorrow.


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