Monday, February 11, 2013

The Magic Art of Metallic Air, Part III

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Sitka Tlingit Moose Hide Armor
with Chinese Coins

The Magic Art of Metallic Air is a magical tradition practiced in the realm of The Rust Gate. This Art is best known for the mage-assassin's spell Coagulated Metallic Air, but there are several levels of casting possible with it. Not all of them are deadly.

All spells cast with Metallic Air magic require that the caster fuel their spell using Dragon-backed metals of some kind. Shirts and gauntlets made from coin mail, and strings of coins are popular casting materials. But other Dragon-backed metal materials such as thuribles, scepters, and toys are also popular. Quantity/weight is always a consideration, since such metals will be exhausted as the spell is cast.

The practitioner should have either the Element of Air or Earth at the same level as the Magic level being used.

The Magic Art of Metallic Air

At this magic level...A mage can:

1: Create clinking sounds such as those of:

  • Men-at-arms in chain or scale mail armor
  • Coins being counted
  • A silversmith or jeweler at work

2: Increase the luster of a metallic mirror or surface (such as armor)

3: Create a shimmering metallic cloud that can blind enemies during bright daylight

4: Coat an object in the desired metal

5: Summon Serpent Coils - a waving mass of metallic springs and coils to impede the advance of an enemy

6: Coagulate Metallic Air - encase a average individual (Earth 3) in a suspension of metallic air, suffocating and coating them in the metal of the caster's choice

7: Arrow cloud - a single arrow with a metallic head becomes a cloud of metallic arrows capable of killing a small group of people (Earth 3)

8: Unleash a metallic tsunami upon an large group, devastating a city, army, or large beast (Earth 5)

9: Call and infuriate the Dragon whose hoard was used to fuel this spell; in its wrath, the Dragon will despoil an entire kingdom or a mighty beast (Earth 6)

10: Open a Gate to the fabled City of Brass

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