Monday, February 4, 2013

Spears of the Dawn RPG - Now Out!

NOW AVAILABLE: Kevin Crawford's Spears of the Dawn, an old-school flavored fantasy RPG set in a world inspired by the civilizations of medieval Africa, has been released in hardcover, softcover, and PDF!

I was not able to participate in the Kickstarter for the game this fall, but I followed the game's development closely, because Kevin is the author of the superb SF sandbox RPG Stars Without Number:  an old school with such a great toolkit that I use it to supplement Starblazer Adventures and Diaspora.  

Spears of the Dawn brings the same elegant focus on creating tools for sandbox play to its setting! Some of the game's tables for generating African palaces were quite useful to me for generating clan houses in my Everwayan Family Houses series indexed here.

I downloaded the  PDF of Spears of the Dawn yesterday, and look forward to receiving my copy of the hardcover book in about a week. You can order one yourself from DriveThruRPG right here.

You can see a thread on RPGnet discussing the game here.

One really cool thing is that Kevin set-up the Kickstarter with the intent that all of the art funded by the project would become freely available to anyone who wants to use it. You can download the art here. We're really pleased that Kevin made that gesture, as The Everwayan is always on the lookout for African-inspired art for the blog.

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