Friday, October 5, 2012

Index of Everwayan Family Houses

This series of posts was inspired by the random tables for African urban palaces in the forthcoming Spears of the Dawn RPG. 

We created these posts by first rolling a D30 on The Families of Everway Table, and then using the tables for Spears of the Dawn.

The Crookstaff Family Library - did this family invent the Anti-Library?

The Gold Menagerie - gold isn't the only idol in this home

The Green Kitchen - herbs and poisons right down this alley

Host Home Troubles - nobody's happy with a host when things go missing

The Mask Family Library - some families collect books, others book secrets

The Morningsong Family Shrine - this family collects and worships filth

The Plume Family House - this family guards the King, and its own dead

The Slake Family Storeroom - something's brewing with this family

Weaver Audience Room - be careful where you sit in this room of splendid carpets and hangings

The Whiteoar House - someone's keeping an eye on the victors of Everway's ancient civil war

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