Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fresh Off The Boat, Again!

Howard Fielding's Figurative Map - Penom is center-right
On Saturday, I was able to rejoin the Aethervox Gamers for another session of Rob Leduc's Old School Empire of the Petal Throne campaign. Our PC group are the most able-bodied, derring-do members of a clan from near Haida Pakala on the Southern Continent. We arrived in Tsolyanu in the port of Penom, the so-called armpit of the Empire, and almost immediately began our Marine basic training.

While I missed out on the introductory basic training session a couple of weeks ago, I was able to get back into the action this past weekend for the capstone of our Marine basic training. The denouement was rather like the show Survivor. We were "fresh of the boat" again, this time sent for a survival session on the Marine's training island in the Bamesa Bay.

This session we had a small playing group: three players and a GM. (This is actually the standard size of my regular roleplaying group, but fairly small for the Aethervoxes, who often have eight or more players around the table at Jeff Berry's house.) But it was fun. We set up camp and started to explore the island.

In the swamps at the foot of the mountain on the Southern side of the island, we heard something go squick-squick in the swamp muck. My character Tsuralnali is a magic user, and used clairvoyance to see what was making the sounds. She saw one of the Swamp Folk, a friendly race.


Howard Fielding's Miniature of a Swamp Folk
A more traditional "look" than the one above.

Good thing we hadn't reacted to the sound by hurling spears in the direction of the squicky sounds! Having friends who know their way around swamps is useful, especially when you're in one!

Fun session!

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