Thursday, October 11, 2012

Names in Otherway
The naming traditions of the city of Otherway diverge from those of the first city. While the common Tree Tongue spoken on many worlds is still used by most people here in Otherway, the many worlds that connect to Otherway through the Gate Trees have their own languages and naming traditions. Those traditions, too, have taken root in Otherway.

Within the city, you will hear many different languages spoken. Naming traditions are also different than in the first city. An Otherwayan of first city lineage may have a name derived from the Tree Tongue, or a name that mixes words of the Tree Tongue with those of another language.

Family names in Otherway are also distinct from those in the first city. After the One Hundred Gate Journey, people formed new families and chose new names to signify those new families. These new family names help to anchor the travelers in their new city.

And the diversity of those names raises another question: was there only a single "first city"? Or was there more than one? First cities like islands in a great delta, competing with one another for the memory of Otherwayans.

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