Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The City of Otherway

The City of Otherway was founded by scholars, students, and adventurers from the families and visitors to the first city. Otherway was the end of their One Hundred Gate Journey. One hundred worlds out from the first city, far closer to the infinity of the Deep Horizon, the travelers ended their great journey, and built a new city - a city younger, more vital, and more open than the first one.

The travelers intermarried with the people of this new world, and formed new families according to their desires - some matriarchal as in the first city, some patriarchal like those in many of the worlds they traversed.

The  people of Otherway planted one hundred and one Gate Tree seeds in the lands surrounding their new city. They went nowhere else for a century, building their city and tending their seedlings. The Gate Trees grew deep roots between lands near and far, and its branches extended into different worlds.

The Gate Trees were the Seed Lords' last gift to the people of the first city, and their first of many gifts to the people of the new city. For the trees opened a new infinity of worlds for the people of Otherway. Travelers went forward to explore again, and returned home with many new gifts and discoveries for the people of Otherway.

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