Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Gate House

"The Castle" by Viktor Titov
The Gate House lies in the foothills of the Inland Rise, three day's walk West from the City of Otherway. Also known as the Castle Kingdom, the Gate House has a sovereign of its own, because it preexists Otherway: mthe Gate House was built in ancient times by the Unknown Architects, the first people native to this world.

The Gate House sits on a weak point that connects Otherway's world to the Radiance of the Deep Horizon. The entire Castle Kingdom is a prison. It's walls were purpose-built by the Unknown Architects using sacred geometries. Its very structure creates numerous dimensional sink holes and cellae designed to capture and contain the inimical beings from Beyond. These beings materialize through the weak point and then find that they can go no further into the world.

Of course, the Radiance these beings bring still needs to go somewhere. The walls of the Gate House slowly drain Radiance, channeling it through the Castle Kingdom's miles and miles of stone. This bleed manifests as various new Arcana whose glowing sigils can be seen thoughout the Gate House.

An army of Copyists and Visiting Scholars catalogs these representations of the sublime. The finest are assembled into divinatory decks, each one unique.

Eventually even the most energetic cella grows cold. At that point, the chamber is opened and the bones of a god are harvested to make relics.


  1. I like the sound of this place, and how you get that casual, lived-in depth. You really do find amazing images too - a post like this seems to me to be a great showcase.

  2. Thanks, Porky! The image was evocative fr me for some reason, but until I read your comment I didn't make the connection in my head. It has a family resemblance to Goya's "Cathedral of Seville" although it is less ominous than Goya's painting.


Thanks for your comment!