Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Goddess Of War

University of Michigan Museum of Art
Photo c.2012 by John Everett Till

This stone figurine depicts a goddess of war. A fiercer incarnation of the Mother of Gods and Goddesses, it represents the divinity whose titles include "The Inaccessible" and "The Invincible". Only fools approach  the goddess Durga under the illusion that they can best her in battle. Armed with a sword and a chakram, she is ready for battle - and willing and ready to aid you as well.

Durga grants two powers to the woman warrior who commits to carrying her image to the scene of the battle. With Durga's gift the woman warrior will be able to:
  • Emit a great blinding light in the presence of demons or other evil supernatural creatures. This light will surround a woman warrior like a halo; it has the power to burn away and destroy the demons, nagas, and other evil powers.
  • Roar with terrifying laughter in battle. This usually causes mortal enemies to flee in utter terror. It also causes earthquakes to devastate all areas within one hour's walk in any direction from the place of battle. Such power forces demons and monsters out of their hiding places to confront the goddess' champion. 
The Durga-stone is approximately one hand thick, two hands in width, and three hands tall. A warrior woman can carry it in a backpack, removing it when the time for battle has arrived. The bearer has an excellent disguise, for who would suspect that hunched old woman - perhaps the one making her way down the road right over there - is really an unstoppable demon slayer? 


The Great Blinding Light is equivalent to the use of Fire magic at level 9. 

The Power of Laughter is equivalent to Earth magic of level 8.

Using these magics is extremely dangerous, however. The first use turns your Fault into a new Usurper force, determined by the player. The second use turns your Virtue into another new Usurper force, as determined by the consensus of the other players at the table. The third use turns your Fate into a new Usurper force, as determined by the GM. You become a force of nature the GM. removes you from play.

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