Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Icon Of Infinite Sorrow

Sorrow Sun image courtesy of Hereticwerks

...Painted on the inside of a seashell. Centuries ago, the Icon of Infinite Sorrow was first discovered by the itinerant spherewalking priest Harbinger Moondance. He found it on a pedestal within a small shoreside shrine on the eternally twilit world of Gravelsea, an ancient grave-realm whose demise preceded the founding of Everway. 

An icon of unfolding gloom, this seashell has traveled to many different realms. It has been worshiped as the symbol of a goddess, revered as the royal sigil of a demoness, and venerated and feared as a terror-weapon and Doom Shell. 

Each realm which has guested it has suffered a novel and ultimate catastrophe. Because these disasters are never tied to a realm's existing Virtue-Fault-Fate tryptic, the Icon of Infinite Sorrow is a Usurper force in material form, a movable curse.

The Chamber Platinum has drawn out a spherepath for the Icon of Infinite Sorrow. It is headed on a lazy spiral inwards toward the First City. 

The person who currently carries the Icon of Infinite Sorrow is unknown to the Chamber Platinum. Spherewalkers are being recruited by the Chamber to find the icon-bearer and discretely stop them in their tracks.

Thanks to Jim and Jody Garrison of Hereticwerks for providing this great image. It is a perfect representation of the Icon.

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