Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wooden Figure Of An Oar, Painted White

Glenn Kaino

Some gates open; others explode from one infinity into another. The object is a small white wooden oar, about the length of a little finger. It's a Gate Key. This little white oar can open a Water Gate in any lake, river, or bay. The gate will open in all directions, summoning the White Fleet.

Canoes, funeral rafts, fishing boats, paddle wheels, galleons, gigantic battle barges, the white tar sub, and even a world-ark:  the Whiteoar family's entire fleet will be gathered from every realm and sphere, together again in one body of water.

The Whiteoar family, defeated, destroyed, cast adrift and scattered among the million spheres: suddenly, once again, a great armada.

If you find a little white oar, burn it to ashes immediately.


  1. A very evocative idea. It also seems natural an especially powerful group will invest in insurance not only against defeat, but in case of it.

  2. Exactly. The funny thing was that until I saw the image, I wasn't entirely sure what this artifact would do. As soon as I saw the art, I knew.


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