Friday, December 14, 2012

Table 1.2 Completed!

The Everwayan celebrates the completion of the second third of our Things Found Upon Spherewalkers mega-table! You can find the entire 36-item Things Found Upon Spherewalkers mega-table in the Everwayan's Indexes link page right under the blog's masthead. 

The first 12 items for the Things Found Upon Spherewalkers table are detailed and hyperlinked from Table 1.1.

Each item on Table 1.2 below is hyperlinked to a detailed item description. 

TABLE 1.2 - Things Found Upon Spherewalkers

To use this table, roll 1D12:
  1. A small collection of fine sword guards
  2. A star-shaped porcelain tile, depicting a cheetah
  3. A stone figurine depicting a boar headed goddess
  4. A stone figurine depicting a goddess of war
  5. Two identical metal bells, whose handles end in claws
  6. A horn made of a conch shell, and surrounded by fine bronze metalwork
  7. A black metal figurine of a dancing male god
  8. A jeweled gold crossbow fibula
  9. The Icon of Infinite Sorrow, painted on the inside of a seashell
  10. A small booklet with dozens of square pages that have been stitched together with red thread, and then bound with resin. Each page describes a favor given to someone, or a favor owed to someone
  11. A small, finger-length wooden figure of an oar, painted white
  12. A metal scorpion, with a winding screw protruding from its back

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