Friday, December 28, 2012

That Old-New Janus Face

"Janus V", 2009, 72" x 72", encaustic on wood panel

It is time to begin preparing for 2013. I have decided to start the new year for The Everwayan blog with some fresh inspiration from the Fortune Deck. 

The Fortune Deck cards are:
  • Law, Reversed - Treachery
  • Autumn, Reversed - Want
  • The Creator, Reversed - Abandonment

I also drew an RPG Inspiration Card as well:
  • Chains - Captivity
    • Event: Challenge authority
    • Trait: Determined
    • Quirk: Many piercings 

OK, so not a very chipper reading, but it is what it is. It is quite appropriate for the perfectly symmetrical image in the asymmetrical frame at the top of the post.

So clearly some kind of trouble is afoot in the multiverse. Does it involve Everway? How about Otherway? Time will tell.

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