Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Jeweled Gold Crossbow Fibula

This is not a weapon; far from it.  A crossbow fibula is a kind of brooch, a pin used "to hold together the corner of a garment at the shoulder."  The pin is on the back side of the brooch.

Note the four animal heads arranged around this fibula.  A thing of beauty, this crossbow fibula was last seen adorning the shoulder of a bold soldier from the realm of Step Lively. White Mane found it while escorting a company of scholars along the receding glaciers of the realm of Round Stones. They had been ambushed by a rival group of scholars and soldiers, and these interlopers drove White Mane and her charges from their dig site.

The scholars soon discovered the ruins of another city revealed by the withdrawing glaciers. In the ruins of that ancient city - a vast metropolis which the scholars soon dubbed Big Pond - White Mane spotted the crossbow fibula brooch in a glittering in pool of the purest meltwater. Small fish swam in circles around the brooch. She reached in and took it.

White Mane pocketed the brooch, keeping it hidden from the eyes of the scholars until she returned to Step Lively with her charges. Then her life got interesting. White Mane learned that the brooch had powers, and a thirst for blood. The brooch's pin held a garment best when it pierced skin. The skin of her shoulder became scarred with repeated piercings. The piercings gave her the ability to commune with animals. She was never ambushed again.


The crossbow fibula brooch is a three point Power, one which is nurtured and fed by the wearer's blood. The Power allows the wearer of the brooch to see and hear whatever nearby animals can see and hear. Voices will be recognized as such, but human speech is unintelligible; it is almost as if the speakers are not using the Tongue.

This Power can be used to listen in on what animals hear over distance equal to the space spanned by a five minute walk. It will be difficult to be surprised by others when operating outdoors.

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