Friday, December 7, 2012

Blade & Crown Turns To Piracy!

Our Blade & Crown campaign resumed this week, thanks to the perspicacity of GM Eric Gilbertson! Serene the Priest and Stabber the Assassin finally got off the Island of Too Many Stupid Rules thanks to much sneakery and the help of a friendly  trapper. This trapper was a fellow Morensian, one of the failed crusaders who came to this Island of Ill Fortune many years ago. He got us out of harm's way, saving us from the soldiers of the Three Suns heretics. The good man also turned us on to a way off the island: join the pirates who come ashore periodically.

The catch? You only get to join them if you can beat one of the pirates in hand-to-hand combat. If you lose you become a slave. So naturally we asked to try out as pirates immediately, and were rowed away from Heretic Island out to the pirate ship.

Stabber, as played by Eric Stoltz
Our good friend the handsome Stabber aka "Red", faced off with his new magic greatsword against a wiry swordsman pirate opponent. Both were wounded, but Stabber prevailed in the end.

It was a close call.

The priest Serene had a better time of it. She used her weapon of choice, a warhammer, facing off against a worthy and well-muscled she-pirate. Serene also prevailed, using the pointy end of her warhammer to mete out a benediction to her defeated and prone opponent.

Then "our" two children cleaned the decks with two pirate children.

So we are pirates now, and off the Island Cursed By Three Suns! A great session with stirring combat that was uncertain until the very end!

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