Sunday, December 23, 2012

Today, I Unlocked A Weretiger!

Hot Lao God-Hero Art by Vongduane Manivong
You may not have heard of the Demonstra Kickstarter, but I would encourage you to take a look!  It has eight days left and it is an important project. 

In SF&F, we hear a lot about Western gods and monsters. 

And not so much about everyone else's.

This Kickstarter features speculative poetry and art by the award winning Lao-American poet Bryan Thao Worra and artist Vongduane Manivong. 

Here's a few words about the project from Bryan:

In 2013, my new book DEMONSTRA will be published by Innsmouth Free Press, with over 100 pages of Lao American speculative poetry. This collection includes poems of ancient Lao ghosts, secret wars, and creatures of mystery. There will also be glimpses at the distant future, from what the Lao space program might look like to where Lao might be in the year 40,000.  
2013 will be a particular milestone year in Lao history. I'd really like to release an edition that raises the bar for what we expect from books of Lao American poetry. This is also my first book I've released since representing Laos during the London Summer Games as a cultural olympian.
If the Kickstarter went a few days more (not sure if this is possible, but hint-hint), I would up my donation to $50 for the cover art poster and the special, frameable poem written for you on the theme of your choice
For the record, my request would be for a poem incorporating these two themes:
  • Mao's saying that "When an idea is seized by the masses, it becomes a material force."
  • A supernatural being from the Lao gay male imaginary

You can still do this Bryan! I challenge you!


  1. Given your long-standing moral and immoral support of even our zaniest efforts, challenge accepted! We'll see what comes from that...


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