Monday, July 16, 2012

About Books and Scrolls

Sunday was my Father's Birthday. He loved books, so to honor him, this week I am doing a series of posts about books, bookstores, and libraries in Everway.

About Books
What's that book or scroll? Need the title and the subject matter on the fly? You need look no further than the Fortune Deck for inspiration. You can use the image and name of the Fortune Card to get ideas for the book or scroll's name. You can use the meaning and correspondences of the card to get an idea of the text's subject matter and categorization.

Start by taking a look at the card. Is it upright or reversed? How does that relate to the image, name, and meaning of the card? Does the image suggest an element? Look at the colors on the cards. Elemental associations are helpful. Here's how you can use them to categorize texts:

Fire: Military Arts and History, Dance, Athletics, Erotic Arts

Earth: Medicine, Animals and Plants, General History and Biography, Spheres and Realms

Air: Science, Philosophy, Music Theory, Mathematics, Astronomy and Astrology

Water: Gates and Spherewalking, Magic and the Spirits, Religion and the Gods, Fiction and Poetry, Songs

Drawing The Usurper always indicates a unique text of some kind: a rare edition, a copy with handwritten study notes or commentary from an important scholar, a book written in a strange language (i.e., the written language does not correlate to the Tongue), or an unexpurgated edition or otherwise variant edition of a well-known work. Draw a second card after The Usurper to determine the actual subject matter.

Here's a worked example:

I draw the Fortune Card, The Creator - Nurture. The card is linked to Earth and Water, and the predominant color in the image is brown, and Earth tone. The Image is of a woman holding a baby. So, I am thinking this card is a text on Midwifery and Child Rearing (i.e.., Earth category for Medicine).

The name of this thick tome is pretty simple:

The Book of the Mother, Being Not a Clan History But a Guide for Midwives and Mothers by Mother Sun. 

Description: The Book of the Mother is a common Everwayan text that contains a wide range of lore including information on male and female reproductive biology and how it is influenced by the Fortune Deck, the elements, and stars; charms and methods for becoming pregnant, as well as for contraception; the duties and methods of the midwives; what a mother may expect to happen during pregnancy, childbirth, and the first three years of childhood; the role of the midwife during pregnancy, childbirth, and afterwords; how to create unique given names for children; the proper roles and responsibilities of mothers and aunts; and the proper roles and responsibilities of maternal uncles.

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  1. I'm a bibliophile so this was a great post for me; more than that, it also helped me see how the Fortune Deck, and the entire game system, can be used to create on-the-fly content without needing to do much more than be imaginative. I'm going to try running a Quest that is completely moment-by-moment using the Fortune Deck: I will do a 3-card spread at the start of the Quest and determine what the plot is going to be at that moment, and keep using cards to build the story as the Heroes progress.


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