Monday, July 9, 2012

Whichway Crookstaff's Character Sheet

I apologize in advance that the photos are a bit blurry. Cheap phone.

First, let me share what is known as the Horne Spread in Everway:

When you get ready to create new characters, spread the Vision Cards out on your dining room table. That makes it easier to make fresh, surprising choices. Not all of the cards here are Everway cards. Some are art cards (such as the Jeffrey Jones art cards) or cards for CCGs including Shadowfist (the Feng Shui CCG), Hyborian Gates, and Mythos.

This is just another close up of the city map, with a few cards associated with Whichway and Stray:

These are Whichway's Fortune Cards and Vision Cards. I will name/describe them below the picture:

Virtue: Truth - Knowledge
Fault: The Satyr - Indulgence
Fate: The Fool - Freedom vs. Lack of Connection

Vision Cards:
  • V11 - A scene of children being taught by a mage. This represents Whichway's early education by Crookstaff tutors. She's the one just to the right of the tutor. No book; looks like she's sleeping.
  • S1/23 - Image of someone reading cards from a Fortune Deck. This card represent's Whichway's discovery of her ability to read the Fortune Deck truly.
  • V33 - A male and female youth engaging in shenanigans on a wall. Here we see Whichway and Stray up to pranks in Strangerside.
  • V/15 - A scroll rack. Whichway has joined the Chamber Platinum. She is intrigued by the maps of spherepaths contained in the Library of All Worlds.
  • V18 - Whichway begins to experiment with alternative ways of drawing spherepaths, such as mandala-like diagrams.

Whichway's Story can be found here.

  • Fire 4
  • Earth 3
  • Air 5
  • Water 5

I want to think a bit more about the Specialties. Please feel free to make suggestions in the Comments.

  • True Reading (3 point power): Whichway can always read truly the Virtue, Fault, and Fate of a person place or thing, as long as she does not draw her Fault (The Satyr) or The Usurper card in taking the action. If either of the latter occur, she will be Fate Blind forever in reading that person, place, or thing.


Whichway's Aspects:
  • The worst Crookstaff ever!
  • Always seeing the cards
  • Where IS she going now?
  • Who IS she hanging out with?
  • The Chamber Platinum might save me
  • There are always other paths

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