Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Library Realm

Sunday was my Father's Birthday. He loved books, so to honor him this week, I am doing a series of posts about books, bookstores, and libraries in Everway.

This is the final episode of our current You Decide series!
With this post, you have a d10 set of  people, places, and things 
that can be detailed as you like for your own Everway campaign.
We'll post a Table for the series next week.

You Decide #10

In You Decide posts, we create new Vision Cards together! The Everwayan shows you an image, provides a brief framing statement, and draws three Fortune Cards, and one or more Inspiration Cards

Then, we ask you to answer a few questions about the image. You flesh it out.

There are guidelines on how to play You Decide, and Everway reference information available here.

You Decide About the Image:
Frame: The image is of The Library Realm. It is a  fortified realm unto itself. The city and lands surrounding it are another realm entirely.

Fortune Cards:
  • Virtue: Spring - New Growth
  • Fault: The Lion, Reversed - Weakness
  • Fate: The Soldier - Duty vs.Blind Obedience

Inspiration Cards:
  • I drew the Inspiration Card Courtesan for additional ideas. You can click on the image below to expand it.
C. 2012 Chad Davidson and Obsidian Serpent Games
  • The card's Archetype is Sex
  • Its Event is Seduction
  • It's Trait is Seductive
  • It's Quirk is Flirtatious
  • It's Element is Fire
  • It's Terrain Feature is Plains

  1. Why is The Library Realm, a realm unto itself? Did someone build it? Or was it always there, waiting for scholars to arrive?
  2. What is the name of the other realm? How does The Library Realm get along with it?
  3. What aspect, person, or creature in The Library Realm is represented by the Courtesan? What does it do? If it is a person or creature, what are its goals?
What are your answers? You Decide! in the comments, below.

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