Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where We're Starting

The results are in on the gate that will be the starting point for the One Branch Project, the series in which Whichway Crookstaff and Stray Outsider will go on Spherewalking journey and explore one branch on the tree of worlds.
Everway has 71 gates, and I invited readers to choose from among 12 gates to different realms. Two people cast votes. The votes were for:
  • Bright Eyes, a mystical place of lush forests, populated by cats (great and small) who have special powers; and
  • Round Stones, where receding glaciers reveal the ruins of an ancient civilization.
Last week, I wrote that I would roll for the outcome, if there was a tie between two finalists. I just did so, and the realm of Bright Eyes won the roll. So, Bright Eyes it will be.

Any thoughts about what our two Spherewalkers should bring along with them in their journey? Please share your ideas!


  1. Sorry I missed the voting. I would highly recommend taking along a towel, a fire-making kit, a decent knife and clean underwear. since they are going to a place made-up of forests filled with cats, some cat-nip, eucalyptus, or similar herbs might be helpful/useful in negotiating with any magical cats. Maybe. How do they propose to defend themselves from tigers? Will they need a machete to get through the underbrush?

  2. @Gj: Great! Probably Stray will be the one wielding the machete, as Whichway isn't interested in such things. Anyone else have ideas for important items to bring?


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