Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One Branch on the Tree of Worlds

This is the first post in the One Branch Project, in which I will detail out a branch on the Tree of Worlds. The branch that I will be detailing will start at the center of things, in the City of Everway. Everway's realm of Roundwander has more gates than any other known realm, and we will select one of these gates from which to depart.

So, Where Should the Journey Begin?

Here are the adjacent realms that I am considering as the point of departure from Everway (text set out in bullets here are direct quotes from the Everway Playing Guide, pages: 23-27. Numbering is mine. Titles in Bold are my emphasis):
  1. Alabaster, where men and women live separate lives, meeting only behind families' closed doors
  2. Archways, where several tribes live among the gargantuan skeletons of strange, ancient beasts
  3. Bright Eyes, a mystical place of lush forests, populated by cats (great and small) who have special powers
  4. Canopy, an enormous ancient tree whose interior houses a human civilization and among whose roots exist hundreds of miles of miles where fantastic creatures live
  5. Delta, islands at the mouth of a great river, where fish-people enlist the help of islanders in their wars and constantly shifting alliances
  6. Glint, where towering brass cities house only vermin
  7. Healertown, a bustling city founded generations ago by the suspect Healer family of Everway; the descendants have kept the name "Healer" but not the profession
  8. Nature's Touch, where all the sentient beings are half-human and half-animal: centaurs, satyrs, mermaids, nagas, sphinxes, harpies, and so on
  9. Roundhome, a coastal region where tsunamis toss up the giant snail shells that the inhabitants use as houses and as building material for beautiful faerielike fortresses
  10. Round Stones, where receding glaciers reveal the ruins of an ancient civilization
  11. Sepulcher, a seemingly endless tomb-complex honoring an unknown, ancient queen. Those who steal from this tomb or even step into forbidden areas, meet with gruesome ends.
  12. Serpent's Coil, where the Dragon Lords are said to live. No such great beasts are ever seen, but spherewalkers report an eerie feeling of being watched.
So here's the deal. 

Please consider casting a vote to recommend the realm that will be the point of departure for the One Branch Project. 

You have until 12 Noon CT on Monday, July 9 to cast your vote in the Comments below. 

The largest plurality wins. In a tie, I'll roll for it. 

No responses, I'll roll a d12.


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