Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jenny Everywhere

We'll be running this series through You Decide #10, 
so that you can have a complete d10 set of  people, places, and things.

You Decide #9

In You Decide posts, we create new Vision Cards together! The Everwayan shows you an image, provides a brief framing statement, and draws three Fortune Cards, and one or more Inspiration Cards

Then, we ask you to answer a few questions about the image. You flesh it out.

There are guidelines on how to play You Decide, and Everway reference information available here.

You Decide About the Image:

Jenny Everywhere image by Nelson Evergreen
Frame: Jenny Everywhere is a Spherewalker who has been seen on many worlds. Her philosophy is "be prepared", so she always has several different changes of clothing with her when she walks from sphere to sphere. 

The character of Jenny Everywhere is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed.

Fortune Cards:
  • Virtue: The Priestess - Understanding Mysteries
  • Fault: Fearing Shadows, Reversed - Recognizing Safety
  • Fate: Knowledge - Truth vs. Falsehood

Inspiration Cards:
  • I drew the Inspiration Card Tree for additional ideas. You can click on the image below to expand it.
C. 2012 Chad Davidson and Obsidian Serpent Games
    • The card's Archetype is Nature
    • Its Event is Animals
    • It's Trait is Sturdy
    • The d3 roll for the card is 2, which means that if the Jenny Everwhere has a power, that power has any TWO of the following three qualities: frequent, powerful, and/or versatile.

  1. What realm is Jenny from? Does she even know? What motivates her to Spherewalk?
  2. What are the Floating Heads in the upper right quadrant of Jenny's image?
  3. What are the flying jars or bottles in the the lower right quadrant of Jenny's image? What spilled out of the jar by Jenny's foot?
  4. What power does Jenny have? Does the Tree image mean it has something to do with spherewalking among the Tree of Worlds, or something else? 
What are your answers? You Decide! in the comments, below.


  1. JenMother is from a sphere known as WyrmDen. She was a great mage of 120 years of age who slayed the mighty GlassWyrm, mother of all wyrms of the sphere. Her final strike shattered GlassWyrm and engulfed her in a torrent of magic, her own and the great wyrm's. This split JenMother's lifeforce into 4 separate beings and threw each across different spheres, and lead to her being renamed JennyEverywhere.

    Each Jenny appears to be no more than 30 years old, and each appears to have a quarter of her original power, each specializing in a different element. Each Jenny now walks the spheres in an attempt to find the other parts of herself so that she can be joined back into a single lifeforce.

    She has found that she can now "branch" her lifeforce at will. This division reduces her own powers and grants it to the new Jenny. For instance she can become a 20 and 10 year old Jenny, or a 25 and 5 year old, or two 15 year olds, etc. This has helped Jenny out of many situations on her quest to find herself.

  2. Thanks.

    Her power would be the "branching" ability (inspired from the tree and the split nature of the image and name). She could then later "join" the Jennys. I figure it is probably frequent and versatile, but not very powerful as it splits her power and doesn't increase it.

    I don't know if I'll take time to answer all of the questions, but wanted to get that much out as it struck me pretty quickly after reading.

    (Thanks BTW for this great blog!)

    1. @Johnathan: Thanks for your complements and your great comments! Other folks can take a shot at some of the questions, but you came up with a solid core idea that is consistent with the Jenny E. mythos! It's one I wouldn't have thought of! That was a great idea.

  3. As per the Jenny Everywhere mythos, perhaps she occasionally gets visions from the other slivers of herself...

    1. @Another great idea! Can you imagine if one sliver-self uses the visions to try to meet up with another sliver? Or if two of them decide to try and seek each other out? That could lead to some pretty complicated spherewalking!

    2. I see her "branching" at will for only short periods of time, and then "grafting" again to maintain her power levels, and not risk loosing more of herself.

      I don't picture the visions as being something she can control. But come to her when one of her selves is in a state of heightened emotion.

  4. Which mechanically you could say occurs whenever the GM draws The Usurper, for example...

  5. Nice to see another venue for Jenny E. Were you peeking at our notes regarding her cameo in Wermspittle? Your demonstration of the Inspiration Cards in action as part of the Character Generation process is quite educational. We've used Tarot in our games, but this is an interesting variant approach that opens up a lot of new possibilities. Thanks for running this series. It has given us quite a few ideas to try out...

  6. @Gj: Has Jenny already appeared in Wermspittle? That sounds very cool. I was actually thinking of putting her into FATE SF as well. Seems like a natural place for her to make an appearance.

    Glad the example of using the Inspiration Cards in action is helpful. All of this is getting my own GMing creative juices flowing, too.


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