Friday, July 13, 2012

Stray Outsider's Character Sheet

.Apologies that the photos are poor quality. Cheap camera.

These are Stray's Fortune Cards and Vision Cards:

This is a close-up of Spherewalker Source Card S1/78 (the first card on the second row) which is quite hard to see (which is also described in the Vision Cards section, below):

Virtue: The Defender - Safety
Fault: Autumn - Want
Fate: Summer - Energy vs. Exhaustion

Vision Cards:
  • S1/78 - This is the second photo above. It is a dark skinned figure looking at Venus. The back of the card indicates this is Quetzalcoatl, which is interesting given that this is the Virtue on Whichway's character sheet. I chose this for Stray because the figure is dark and slender and potentially either male or female.
  • S1/9 - This depicts a dark skinned individual of unclear gender. He/she wears a lot of jewelry, and has a golden rose broach. This card signifies Bromeliad, the trans Spherewalker from Emerald Savannah who is now Stray's adoptive mother.
  • V31 - Three figures, two clearly male and one ambiguously gendered, are playing cards. This card evokes Stray's roguish life in Strangerside. The fact that he is playing cards also signifies that Whichway is Fate Blind with respect to reading him. He holds the cards there.
  • V48 - Two figures dance about a fire. The one on the right with the drum appears to be male. That figure represents Stray as an initiate of the rites of Oxumare and Legba.
  • S1/60 - A male figure kneels before a snake with a halo around it. The back of the card says the snake represents "Brighid, goddess of inspiration," who "teaches some of her followers to understand the speech of snakes. Snakes have many insights to share with those who listen and take heed." This card is an interesting synchronicity because legends say Brighid was born in a doorway. She is thus a symbol of duality. I chose this card because Oxumare is the Rainbow Serpent. In this image, we see Stray learning the Scales Drop ritual from Oxumare.

Stray's Story can be found here.

  • Fire 5 - Specialty: Keeper Fighting Arts
  • Earth 5 - Specialty: Strong Stomach
  • Air 3 - Specialty: Keeper Family Gate Lore
  • Water 5 - Specialty: Sensitivity to the Orishas
  • Scales Drop Ritual (2 point power): This ritual allows Stray have a fully male physical body for up to six hours a day. He can choose any time of the day or night to perform the ritual; the transformation occurs immediately after the 30 minute ritual drumming and song is completed. For every year he performs this ritual at least once weekly, the total duration of the ritual's effect increases by one hour. 


Stray's Aspects:
  • Once a Keeper
  • Accustomed to privation
  • Give me a reason to help!
  • You can always find new friends
  • The spirits have touched me
  • My fate is not fixed

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