Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Bag Of Nuts and Seeds...

...of many varieties. Among these nuts and seeds are a few Gate Tree seeds. The seeds are hundreds of years old. Nevertheless, someone who is sensitive to Water and Earth can feel the vital energies at work inside them. The seeds still have the potential to connect to many different worlds.
There are also many smaller seeds with a bit of a rainbow pattern to them. These are called Pattern Seeds. When poured onto a flat surface like a plate, they will spontaneously re-assemble into complex geometric patterns. These can be used to read the overall energies of a particular world - its strengths, weaknesses, and potentialities. If planted, they will each germinate and grow into a novel species that reflects the strength, weakness, or destiny of the land where they take root.

Many other nuts and seeds can be found within the seed bag. Edible nuts and seeds of all sorts, as well as the Ourboros-like, poisonous Centipede Seeds.

All the seeds and nuts except the Gate Tree seeds will replenish themselves during spherewalking, allowing the traveler a source of food while on the road between worlds.


  1. That's outstanding, and very atmospheric. I like the specific ideas a lot, and it could be used in many other ways too. To borrow the metaphor it could wind it's roots out in all directions.

  2. Thanks, Porky! After seeing your post on gardens yesterday, I think there may be something botanical in the noososphere

  3. Intriguing term though. What could this noosophere be? I'll give it some thought.


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