Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Small Clutch Of Soft Insect Eggs...
Wrapped carefully in a leaf, and bundled within a charm-sealed pouch, this small clutch of insect eggs has carried from one world to another. A pinch here, a pinch there, the traveler leaves a few the eggs behind in just the right place on each sphere she visits. 

The eggs come in many different shapes and colors. If a Keeper were to discover this egg bundle on a traveler, it would likely spell sudden death. Horrible pests and monsters have been carried from world-to-world in this way.

There are countless kinds of pests like these in ovo. The curious and vigilant may consult the Library of All Worlds for examples. Ask Librarian Moldy Scratch to find you a copy of The Egg Scrolls within the Forbidden Manifest; it is a comprehensive list of egg-types which are prohibited in Everway (or consult Hereticwerks' Strange Ovum table)

The Librarians are all-too-familiar with The Scroll Gourmands, also known as Thysanurians. They are one such intelligent pest species that have been spread this way. When in the Library of All Worlds, it is also worth your time to look-up the Stained Library of Feasting Horde; this is a cautionary tale of what destruction can be wrought from a few insect eggs.


  1. Ever see Queen of Blood? The ending is the best part. It was an off-handed discussion of that movie sparked the creation of the Strange Ovum table.

    Nice to see the Thysanurians haven't totally wrecked the Library. Someone must be working over-time to keep those pesky bugs at bay. That place must have incredible janitorial staff...

    The Academy at Wermspittle just collects all the failed exams for spellwork and other such potentially dangerous debris and sells it to the Thysanurian enclave. They dispose of the hacked spells, half-copied rites, and other stuff quite nicely and neatly. Of course this has fostered a specialized underground economy with students trafficking in failed papers, botched copies and the like...a few have even gone into business deliberately making wrong copies and incomplete forgeries to sell to the hungry insects...

  2. It figures that in Wermspittle they continue to find ways to cope with the intolerable. Library and exam paper discards seems perfect. Not sure I told you this but the Thysanurian post inspired a friend of mine to the point where he called me with a scenario idea for something he thinks I should run that involves Thysanurians. I'll have to fill you in when I see you next.

  3. I just watched the trailer for Queen of Blood. It is delightfully lurid. I also like the oddly shaped space helmet. It looks like an insect larva.


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