Saturday, November 10, 2012

Due to some unforeseen circumstances, our Thursday night group played a one-off game this week. Rachel Kronick ran Robin Law's Og for two of us. Og is an indie RPG in which the PCs play cavemen with a very limited vocabulary. Being in character means communicating using only the handful of words that your character knows. Pretty funny, although I very seriously doubt that cavemen were any less intelligent than the people I see today staring straight down at their cellphone screen while stepping out into traffic.

I think the game was designed for amusing one-off play. However, both of us players left the experience feeling like you could do a semi-serious campaign with this game and have it be interesting. Rachel did a great job GMing on the spot.

We also got to see a near-perfect proof of the trade paperback edition of Rachel Kronick's gritty medieval RPG, Blade & Crown. I can't wait until this and the hardcover go up for sale!

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