Monday, November 5, 2012

A Tea Caddy

Tea Caddy - Japan (UMMA)
Photo c. John Everett Till
Nestled within a silk brocade pouch. It is an ancient tea caddy, made by an expert craftswoman from the Great Kingdom. Carried by many hands, the exquisite blue and white porcelain tea caddy within this brocade pouch has brought teas from one realm to another for special ceremonies and rituals. 

From time to time, it has carried rare herbal teas, such as The Wizentea, used by the Plateau Folk create living mummies from their Enlightened Khans. Most of the time, however, this caddy has simply carried fine cultivars of tea (Camellia sinensis) from monasteries and palaces in one sphere to those in another sphere. If you are offered tea from this caddy in a gateside inn, be sure to partake. Someone is doing you an honor.

Need a Tea Seller? Check out this great NPC description and Encounter Table from Rachel Kronick. 

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