Thursday, November 8, 2012

A God-Ring...

Brooklyn Museum
Bundled within a small piece of tied-off felt cloth. the ring has twice the diameter of a normal human finger. It is made of the purest gold, and is always warm to the touch.

After her coup against the priests of Bonekeep, the Ghoul Queen raided many of sacred sealed tombs of ancient kings and queens. Within her court, it is whispered that the Ghoul Queen chewed the ring right off the finger of an ancient God-King in his eternal repose. She wore it for a time as a bracelet. 

Eventually, the ring was stolen from her palace. The Ghoul Queen blamed visitors from The Peacekeepers Sect, one of the infrequent delegations from other spheres that was still willing to come to Bonekeep. The Ghoul Queen murdered the entire delegation before they reached the Eastern Palace Gate to depart for the next step up in the Divine Rotunda. 

(The majority of the Peacekeepers conceptualize the multiverse as a great round building with an infinite number of floors. Their journey draws them ever-upwards in a great spiral toward the edifice's great dome. Peacekeepers believe the ceiling of the dome is painted with living stars, and teach that when a delegation finally reaches the uppermost level, they will join the living stars in the ceiling. Certain apostates within this sect reject the Peacekeepers' path and have sent delegations downward into the depths. They contend that the true duty of the faithful is to confront and destroy the demons and monsters that dwell in the fundament of the universe.) 

After murdering the Peacekeepers' delegation, the Ghoul Queen and her servants were unable to locate the ring. Perhaps one of the baboons that accompanied the Peacekeepers had taken it? Most of the troop was captured, but unfortunately, several of the apes may have gotten away.

The Power: The Ring is sacred to the god Horus. The wearer of the ring may take the form of a giant falcon during the daytime, as long as the sun is directly visible in the sky; the wearer may remain in this form until nightfall.


  1. There's a story in this...and a good one .
    Those apostates sound like fun...

  2. I'm running a long Quest in Hellsedge, which I imagined/designed as a very Egyptian sort of Realm. This ring will definitely be appearing there now. Thanks!

  3. @Garrisonjames: Thanks! I llke the Apostates myself. It is not hard to imagine that many former adventurers join the Peacekeepers for solace (a sort of Tanelorn on the move), but soon become restless for action...

    @D Martin: It is great that you are running Everway, and very gratifying to hear I have created something you may find useful for your campaign!

    Egypt is a great source for any number of realms. There is so much we don't even know about the history and culture of the longest continuous African civilization. "Medieval" Ethiopia has also been an inspiration for some of the realms I have created.

  4. Too bad you are not local and could join our game! I'm proud of myself with this Realm. In my imagining, Hellsedge is a proto-Egyptian Steampunk culture LOL. Weird, right? So they have pyramids and ride raptor-like mounts but they also have steam-powered clockwork golems, mechanical slaves, and vehicles.

  5. @D Martin: It sounds like an original and fun realm! There is going to me more steamtech and clockworks as Otherway rolls out...


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