Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Fat, Long Finger...

Art by Robert Gould
Wearing a gold ring set with a ruby gem. The dead finger that wears the ring today is too large for the ring. How did its wearer ever get it onto their finger? Did it simply swell after death?

And what happened to the ring-thief? Who was it?

Just to look at the ring is to know that it is ancient and intelligent, and belongs on the finger of a great king. The ring was a testament to the supernatural pacts that an ancient line of kings established with a wide range of powers. That ring was lost by the last king of that line.

Or perhaps a last great queen? Who can really say? The ring isn't telling. It is a mute witness to the fact that barbarians can sack any empire, and that the most sacred treasures of that empire can be bought and sold by warriors, merchants, and thieves.

Everway Mechanics

This ancient ring confers on the bearer the ability to open and use gates with the same facility as if the bearer were a Spherewalker. The ring has a value of Water 6 in terms of its sensitivity to the energies of other planes, spheres, and supernatural entities. Some supernatural entities will be curious about the power of the ring, and may do the bearer a favor or award them a boon in order to draw near to or reside within the ring for a time. This is one way that supernatural entities may migrate from world to world.

This post is of course inspired by the creations of Michael Moorcock, 
including Elric of Melnibone.

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