Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Night Samurai

"Samurai" by ~janjinator
The nine great clans of War Fan will not go gently into the night. Sorcerers among the great clans have summoned Night Samurai to hunt down the Spherewalker who is bringing nine fine sword guards to the champion's of War Fan's Empress.

Night Samurai are nature spirits summoned on moonless nights, and shaped into man-forms built from the elements of Earth and Air (in its guise of Night). A pile of twigs, some obsidian glass, and a slight breeze are the only things required to call these creatures up and charge them with completing an assassination. Theiir obsidian blades are sharper than surgical scalpels and will make short work of leather, cloth, or wooden armor.

The summoner of a Night Samurai must always stay near it, remaining no farther away than 300 paces; otherwise the spirit is freed and the creature falls to pieces. But as long as the summoner stays near, and the Night Samurai retains its heartglass (a piece of obsidian stone with rust red streaks that serves as its heart) the creature will have a sufficient degree of cohesion to hunt its prey.

Night Samurai are not active or visible during the day. At dusk, a Night Samurai takes on its man-form and resumes the hunt for its assigned prey. Their preferred methods rely on stealth and surprise. They are the perfect assassin for someone travelling on a path or trail. Night Samurai will wait standing perfectly still in utter darkness, until their prey comes within striking distance. Then they strike as swiftly as the wind.

Each dawn the Night Samurai falls apart, tumbling into a harmless pile of wood, leaves, and glass stone. At sunset, the Night Samurai re-form, and seek out their prey. When they accomplish their mission, their energy dissipates and they tumble down again, never to re-form.

Night Samurai are very vulnerable to fire and somewhat vulnerable to particularly strong winds. The former will destroy their body; the latter will scatter its form, rendering it unable to perform a strike.

Everway Mechanics

    • Fire 5
    • Earth  7
    • Air 3
    • Water 2
    • Heartstone - As long as their Heartstone is present, Night Samurai can reform their bodies. This is true as long as their wood and leafy components have not been scattered or burned away (2 point power, frequent and major)
    • Natural Disguise - A Night Samurai may disguise itself by becoming perfectly still and blending with shadows, OR by tumbling for a time into a pile of wood, leaves, and glass stone (2 point power, frequent and major)


  1. Dude, you're posting way too much cool shit for me to use fast enough to keep up. Slow it down, bro! Or...create a big PDF so I can just buy your entire blog in a book form. I just don't have enough time to roleplay all of the ideas you're putting out; at this rate, I'll be playing Everway for the next 3 years!

    1. Thanks, friend! I am glad you are running an Everway game! I need to think about the big PDF idea. It has certainly occurred to me, and some of this material will be usable with my forthcoming Otherway RPG.


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