Monday, November 12, 2012

Table 8 - Ten Spherewalking Assassins
One can think of many reasons why someone might travel from sphere to sphere carrying out assassinations. Such a person might carry this journal as one of their tools.

Need an assassin? Roll a d10 or choose one from the table below.
  1. The Order of Forgivers of Debt are a religious sect of assassins from the realm of The Market. The Forgivers cancel the debts of those who have the resources to pay but who refuse to do so. 
  2. The Abolitionists are a sect devoted to the ending of all kinds of flesh trade, from the selling of Mankines and humans as outright slaves, to the selling of people as debt pawns, to all sorts of trafficking and peonage. They target those who finance such trades, as well as the major buyers and sellers. Some also target the slave catchers who go after runaways.
  3. The Happy Wanderers pursue Spherewalkers who commit grave crimes in their travels. This itinerant clan is an offshoot of the Keeper family of Everway.
  4. Small bands of assassins known as The Ruined Princes wander the spheres looking for those who collaborated with and profited from the Blue Kahn's inter-sphere conquests.
  5. The Red Shield is a licensed Assassins Guild from the realm of Merryflag. They are experts in dispute settlement and will always seek a negotiated solution on behalf of their patron before resorting to the use of violence to settle a conflict. As part of their payment, they always demand that the patron supply a member of their family to perform a year of service to the Guild. Many choose to stay on for the remainder of their lives.
  6. Left Ventricle is known for his precise strikes. Why he chooses the targets he does is a mystery.
  7. The Undead Ogress known as Grendel's Mother wanders the spheres seeking revenge on those who kill her kind. 
  8. Ample Raven is a Spherewalker from the Raven family of Everway. She waddles the spheres in her black feathered cloak seeking out contracts for assassinations. Don't underestimate her girth: Ample's prodigious bulk hides significant muscle. Few who fall into her grip ever escape. 
  9. Molly Prance is a runaway from The Mask family of Everway. He is a master of disguise and infiltration, and a friend of smugglers and gatebreakers. Some say he is the King of Strangerside.
  10. Jack Woe is a serial killer who wanders the spheres. Her greatest joy causing the downfall of the proud.

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