Friday, November 2, 2012

The Triple Blessed Rosary
With 108 beads, representing the Walker's Journey among 36 adjoining realms. These rosaries are a commonplace in Everway. They're sold by the priests of the Pyramid Cult. They are said to bring good luck to those who travel between the spheres. They are also used to meditate upon the Fortune Deck, since each realm is represented in the rosary by thee beads: one for a realm's Virtue, Fault, and Fate.

The Pyramid Priests say that faithful meditation on the Walker's Journey using these beads can cultivate the ability to spherewalk. For a fee, they will teach the proper meditation techniques, and what each successive triptych of beads represents. And it is true that every year, a few faithful students of the Walker's Journey do develop the ability to spherewalk.

Of course, if you advance in the Pyramid Cult hierarchy, you will learn that the beads represent far more than a simple journey from sphere to sphere. Meditation on the Walker's Journey sometimes unlocks new Powers in the person meditating. These usually relate to a specific realm represented in the rosary.

Be sure to keep your eyes open when a rosary breaks near the Walker's Pyramid. When the beads spill onto the stones, they take up entirely new arrangements. These have great meaning. Scribes scurry to ink these to paper, because meditation on these new patterns often leads to the discovery of new gates and spherepaths. 

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  1. An excellent adaptation. All you need now is some spherewalker to return from an extended journey carrying an alternate version of this rosary, one that opens unto a parallel set of paths/worlds with only one or two points of connection/overlap...then watch the fur fly! Those pyramid priests won't be any too thrilled at the competition...and if you can find one such item, there might be more...

    Maybe there is a master rosary that coordinates a plethora of spin-offs? That could get overwhelming pretty fast...but it would make some sense in the context of how Everway is set up. Just a random thought at the end the broadcast day----------------------------


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