Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to Play You Decide

Based on some feedback from friends, and inspired by a post over at Hereticwerks, I am providing some simple rules for playing the game featured in tomorrow's post. 

You Decide posts are a game most Everwayan. They're a collaborative way to create new Vision Cards for the game!

You Decide starts with an image of a person, place, thing, creature, etc.

You Decide posts ask you to take a look, and share your own ideas about what the image means in the Everway multiverse.

To give you a starting point, I draw either 3 or 6 cards drawn at random from the Fortune Deck.

The first three are a reading of the image's Virtue, Fate, and Fault. 

If there are three more cards, those represent the image's Past, Present, and Future.

Next you get a very brief framing statement providing a general sense of who or what you are looking at.

Finally, you are offered some questions to consider. Here's where You Decide! Put your answers in the comments. Let's see what we can create together. Over time, I will index some of the answers that emerge as part of the site resources.

I have already posted one You Decide here. That one is an image of a door in Strangerside. The questions  start by asking Who made the door? and go on from there.

Here are three resources to make the game easier to play:
  • An Everway Setting Basics page which answers questions such as "What's Strangerside?" and "What are a Virtue, Fault, and Fate?"
  • The On Language and Names page provides some simple guidelines for creating names for characters, people, and places
  • A link to a table with descriptions of the Fortune Cards, so you can take a deeper look at the meanings behind the card draws.
I also want to recommend another kind of You Decide game. Hereticwerks hosts the adventures of Bujilli, a player character whose destiny is collectively determined by readers' comments and dice rolls. Every Thursday, those comments help shape a new episode in his adventures. The adventure has been going on for 25 weekly episodes now! Check it out and play! 


  1. Nice and concise explanation. This should be a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks! I had a good model on your blog.


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