Friday, May 4, 2012

A Stone Figurine Depicting a Boar Headed Goddess

Varahi image from University of Michigan Museum of Art
 Photo c. 2012 John Everett Till

Fortune Card: The Defender, Reversed - Peril

Her rites are practiced in the dead of night; she has been called both Mother and Death Personified. A stone figurine carries her divine power from realm to realm. Also known as the Sow-Headed Goddess, she bears numerous weapons in her many arms, including swords, a staff, pole arms, and a chakram - a circle of steel with a sharp outer edge. She has red flowers in her hair, and holds a skull-cap drinking cup. After battles, she dances, drunk with her victim's blood. With her mother and sisters, she destroyed a demon army, and now a Spherewalker has carried Her here, to your realm.

  1. What Spherewalker channels Her power and what does s/he seek?
  2. Who was the last demon she subdued - and why and where?
  3. The snout of the figurine is broken, and her tusks and weapons are missing. Who did this, and why?


  1. 1. Quill, a hunter, stumbled upon the statue where it had been lost for many years, deep in a forest. Knowing the proper rites, she returned at nightfall and sacrificed a boar. The statue spoke to Quill, telling her to walk the spheres, and how to do so. Quill had heard of spherewalking, but had never done it herself before. Quill's task is to travel the spheres, and to find and slay a demon in every sphere she visits. When Quill has done so on each of the thousand spheres, said the statue, the Mother will come to Earth and walk among men. Many spheres and many demons later, Quill has an entourage of faithful followers who help her bear the statue on its way.

    2. The last demon slain by Quill cannot be named, but its form was part tiger, part snake, fiery and skeletal. Its home was an island temple tended by blind priests and guardian monks, trained in the use of flaming weapons.

    3. A common thief stole the tusks, sword and chakram, stealing into Quill's camp, unaware of the trouble he was getting himself into. All the items are fashioned from carven ivory of exquisite detail, and have since been sold for rather less than their true worth. Quill seeks to find and kill the thief, and retrieve the missing items. Since the theft, the statue has not spoken to Quill.

  2. Thank you for your post! This story has the makings of an entire campaign.


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