Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Table 1.0 - Things Found Upon Spherewalkers

You never know what someone might be carrying from one realm to another. In future posts, we will be detailing the following items, which might be found on the person of a Spherewalker:
  1. The Itinerary of the Blue Khan, tracing his spherepath through the realms he destroyed
  2. An Unfamiliar, a rather nasty magical parasite, which can travel from sphere to sphere clinging to a Spherewalker's body
  3. A Triple Blessed Rosary, with 108 beads, representing the Walker's Journey among 36 adjoining realms
  4. A God-Ring bundled within a small piece of tied off felt cloth
  5. A simple leather thong ankle bracelet
  6. An assassin's journal, with dozens of persons' names crossed off, and dozens more to go. Adjacent to each person's name is the name of their realm
  7. A bag of nuts and seeds of many varieties
  8. Whisperweed, wrapping paper, and flints
  9. A fat, long finger wearing a gold ring set with a ruby gem
  10. A spherepath map embroidered on a fine silk cloth. The cloth is bunched, as several spheres have been stitched together that had formerly been separated by another sphere contiguous. There is a small sewing bundle with a pin cushion, scissors, needles, and spools of bright colored threads. There is also a spool of fine black thread that is so fine it is almost impossible to thread on the needle. The latter is some kind of hair.
  11. A small clutch of soft insect eggs
  12. A tea caddy, nestled within a silk brocade pouch
  13. A small collection of fine sword guards
  14. A star-shaped porcelain tile, depicting a cheetah
  15. A stone figurine depicting a boar headed goddess
  16. A stone figurine depicting a goddess of war
  17. Two identical metal bells, whose handles end in claws
  18. A horn made of a conch shell, and surrounded by fine bronze metalwork
  19. A black metal figurine of a dancing male god
  20. A jeweled gold crossbow fibula
  21. The Icon of Infinite Sorrow, painted on the inside of a seashell
  22. A small booklet with dozens of square pages that have been stitched together with red thread, and then bonus with resin. Each page describes a favor given to someone, or a favor owed to someone
  23. A small, finger length wooden figure of an oar, painted white
  24. A metal scorpion, with a winding screw protruding from its back
  25. A leather pouch containing several glass vials with wax stoppers. One contains dirt, another sand, a third water, a fourth apparently air, a fifth a small insect cocoon, and a sixth, an unquenchable liquid fire.
  26. A leather thong necklace with a brightly painted stone figure. The figure depicts a creature with the body of a horse and the head of a pelican.
  27. A kris knife, whose wavy blade has a pearlescent sheen
  28. A mummified bird whose feet are tied together with a golden string
  29. A notebook of sketches for a series of tattoos, many of which also appear on the skin of the Spherewalker
  30. A list of names, titled "People to Marry", a second list of names, titled "Unsuitable", and the boilerplate for a marriage contract between two unspecified parties
  31. A document identifying the bearer as an official representative of the Snakering family of Roundwander
  32. The deed to an estate in the Strangerside community of Everway
  33. The signet rings of three royal houses in spheres adjoining Roundwander
  34. A pottery marriage vessel with two male figures
  35. An amber amulet carved into the likeness if a howling wolf
  36. A round copper pin, with a raised image depicting a jowly woman's face


  1. Nice. There are some interesting opportunities for story & gaming development in there...

    Especially like No. 11...

  2. I am sure you know where I want to head with no. 11...

  3. This list cries out to be made into a supplementary deck.

  4. Cary, that is quite a complement - thanks! Like many fans of Everway, I have made my own decks over the years using art cards, and I too wish new decks were available. Hopefully this blog will be encourage others to create their own new items for Everway games.


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